What They Want

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Wow. What a day. Only one year away from the classroom and it feels like I am learning all over again! I had a lot of fun, lots of laughs and a few “moments”… good and bad. Started out the day coming to school with a sticker still on my new pants that a parent had to remove for me! haha. It was a tiring day, but in a good way. So much of the day required me talking at the front (which I am not a fan of) and then getting a new class of kids to join into the discussions can be draining too. In the end, we got a lot out of them, especially when it came to our main activity for the day.
We asked them three questions:

1) What does their dream school look like?

2) What makes a good teacher?

3) What makes a good student?

It was so interesting to see what they came up with, and in some instances, quite surprising. Things came up about wanting to be provided food, and wanting to sit with their friends, but then came ideas like creating a culture and having choice in what they do. They talked about having the ability to bring their own technology and to have access to more technology. They talked about having funny and friendly teachers, but they also wanted teachers who cared about them, treated them with respect and who understood what their lives are like. When it came to how students should act, they formed this statement:

“We should treat others with respect, act with integrity and work hard”

When you get past the ideas of cotton candy machines in the classroom and 5 hour lunches, the truth is the students want what we want. By having them brainstorm these ideas and formulate the answers themselves, it will be much easier to ask them to live up to these standards. We want to provide the best education for our kids everyday, and we want to meet their expectations, but we can only do so if we know what it is they expect. What made this activity even more impactful was the fact that their feedback served to validate where we are going as a staff, and as a division.

In business, the saying is “The customer is always right” and today I was happy to see that our customers are looking for the same things we are hoping to provide.

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