Accept The Challenge

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by lawmurray
Today was our division day, an event that involves every employee of Parkland School Division coming together to prepare for the start of a new school year. It’s always good to see familiar faces, especially with changing jobs and changing schools. I got to see the staff from my previous school, and while that was hard because I find I already miss them, it was good to see many of them again. I also got to see many of our division’s administrators and senior executive, who I had the pleasure of working with last year as an administrator myself. I am going to miss seeing them at our lead team meetings and working with such an impressive group of educators.

I settled in with a couple friends and sat to hear our superintendent, our board chair and many others speak. While they spoke, a number of teachers, administrators and central office staff were tweeting out key points from the talks. It was so exciting to see so many of our division members on twitter and sharing, a lot has changed in just a couple of years. Our board chair Richard Gilchrist and our Superintendent Tim Monds both spoke about how the world is changing, and how there won’t be any going back. This is true, but it is modeled so clearly in our division as so many are joining the Social Media movement and looking to connect and improve. There is no sense denying this movement towards connectivity, there is no going back, and more and more people are joining us rather than sticking their head in the sand. When I returned to my school, I decided to make sure I was following our superintendent on twitter. When I found his page I saw our entire senior executive represented on twitter as well!

This made me very proud and inspired, because I am sure for some members of this group joining twitter was probably intimidating, frustrating, or may have even seemed pointless, but they did it anyway. They realize that there is no going back, and more importantly, they are modeling for our division the willingness to go outside their comfort zone and join in. For me, this is a challenge to follow their lead. Whatever it is, however intimidating, frustrating, or pointless it may seem, if it is right for my students I have to join in.

So to you I ask, will you accept the challenge? Will you do what is right for your students even if it means you will have to go outside of your comfort zone? Will you try something new even if it means it may fail? In doing so, together we can model the type of learner we are for our students, and we can ask them to accept the challenge as well.



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