Rise to the Occasion

Inspired by a post by Tom Schimmer, a post by Stacy Stephens and by covering a difficult class today, I realized that I love a challenge.

I play a lot of sports, none of them particularly well, but I do love to compete. Golf, Curling, Basketball, Baseball, Squash, Running, they all do it for me, and never more than when I am competing. I especially loved when I had the chance to compete against someone who was very good, or if I was in some kind of high pressure situation. I always looked forward to see how I would respond to the gauntlet being thrown down. I’d love to tell you that I won more than I lost but I doubt that very much, but that isn’t the point anyway. I have always loved the chance to be challenged and see what I could do in that situation.

I see a lot of that in my teaching and now in my opportunity to be an administrator. I have always loved the chance to work with a student who is tough to reach, who has trouble trusting,  or who has trouble finding success in his/her education. There are so many teachers and administrators who I have had the great fortune to work with who feel the same way. Their eyes light up when they see the opportunity to connect with a student who seems disconnected from everyone and everything in the building.

So in the spirit of the challenges Tom and Stacy have placed in front of us, let’s see the difficult interactions as a chance to rise to the occasion and show our students the great educators we can be!

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