What if?

I sent this late night email to a couple colleagues recently, and one of them suggested it would make a good blog post. She said that there are sites out there now that are starting something like this, but I guess I just wondered why this resource doesn’t already exist.

“Too long for a twitter message…

What if there was a website that took the key learning outcomes to a course, and developed multiple online ways for a student to show their ability to exhibit that outcome. What if that site offered this service to teachers to utilize in their classroom AND to students to access at home? What if that site could connect teachers and students so that learning could be shared and discussed? What if students could utilize this website as a tool to learn and to showcase their learning in the way of their choosing while not waiting for a teacher to provide them with this opportunity? What if this website offered teachers differentiated instruction, differentiated assessment and class collaboration all while requiring little or no prep work on the teachers behalf? What if all the best parts of blogging, twitter, e-portfolios and social media were incorporated into this site?

Wouldn’t you want to access this for your staff?

Wouldn’t parents want their kids to access this resource?

Wouldn’t teachers jump at the chance to provide the best learning for their students?

Why can’t we make this happen?

Learning is not about where it happens, when it happens or why it happens but rather THAT it happens. We should do this.

Multiple pathways to learning, multiple pathways to assessing learning, multiple pathways to displaying what students have learned.

Am I crazy?”

This site, as it exists in my imagination, would help students, teachers and parents. Imagine a parent who feels they can’t help their child with Math, working through an online learning experience that guides them, enables the student to use a medium they are most comfortable with and the parent and child connect in a moment of educational success. I hope that if someone is developing this resource, that they see the potential a site like this could have on changing how, where, and when education would take place. I hope someone far smarter than I am is working at creating sites that change the role of the teacher from the keeper of knowledge, to the guide presenting pathways to students.

If you know about a site like this or know of someone working on a site like this, post a comment and let me know. I would love to hear about this.

2 thoughts on “What if?

  1. What if… you went to work for the curriculum department at Alberta Education? We’d all be much better for it. I love it! This is a fantastic idea for both regular and alternative education. I look forward to finding out what your PLN advises you regarding this ‘magic bullet’ for student learning.

  2. Thoughtful blog, Jessie. Often, we avoid asking the hard question because others may expect us to have the solution. I’m sure ADLC had questions like your in mind when they created many of their online learning modules. So did Alberta Learning with their D2L stuff. However, bureaucracy always gets in the way, and in an effort to cross “t’s” and dot “i’s” the intended roles and outcomes seem to become a mad struggle just to “get it done.” What if you put out the call for interested teachers to work with you to develop such a resource starting with a simple Wiki, and going from there?

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